Best Video Discussion of 2014 Contest


Each year, PRS produces at least one expert Video Discussion per issue. We love these videos and hope you do too; they provide a dynamic way to make education fun, accessible and multimedia.

We are very thankful for each of our fabulous Video Discussants; their efforts, expertise and willingness to step in front of the camera to discuss our field. They deserve all of our respect and gratitude. Their contributions will be watched for years to come. We could simply not provide the same level of interactivity and multimedia content without them.


While we are asking you to vote for your favorites, and will ultimately crown a “Best Video Discussion of 2014,” this title will simply represent the culmination of your opinons. All of the video discussions from 2014 are important, well-done and represent a major time commitment from the surgeons you see on screen. They are all fabulous, interesting and should all be watched!

This contest will only include our regular issue video discussions from calendar 2014. So, to view ALL video discussions please visit our Video Discussion Collection.


In the spirit of having a little fun, though, you will choose- by popular vote- the Best Video Discussion of 2014. In order to decide which one to vote for, we encourage you to watch all of them as they each represent hours of research and effort.

video-discussion-contest-WEBFINALA subscription to PRS is not needed to become a registered user, or to watch the Video Discussions.

So, watch all of the great video discussions from 2014 for free and start voting today!

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