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I am proud to announce that Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has taken home 6 impressive publishing awards for 2014 initiatives, video, content, and for the Journal itself.

PRS, PRS Global Open, and all of our social media outlets are true group efforts! I am so thankful to work with such an amazing group of people in the PRS and PRS Global Open Editorial Offices- Aaron Weinstein, Ed Tynan, I. Donnell Moore, Dustin Lang, and BethAnn Harper- as well as at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and at Wolters Kluwer Health. I am also thrilled and thankful to have such energized plastic surgeons and affiliated specialists from all stages in their careers as authors, peer-reviewers, social media engagers, video participants, and readers pushing us to innovate at every turn.

So, we share these awards not only to the people named on the certificates, but to each and every person who helped on these projects and work on PRS and PRS Global Open every day.

APEX awards for Publication Excellence. “An Annual competition for corporate and nonprofit publishers, editors, writers and designers who create print, Web, electronic and social media” (source). PRS took home four awards of excellence in the following categories:


Category: Magazines, Journals & Tabloids – Print – +32 pages
Title:   Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery- Vol 134, No 6 (December 2014 issue)
This is the 3rd year in a row that PRS has taken home this honor!

PRS TitleBnr

Category:  Electronic Media – Video Media
Title:   The Perfect Breast: The September 2014 Issue of PRS with Rod J. Rohrich, MD
If you haven’t watched the video already- watch it now!

Category:  Social Media – Blog Content
Title:   PRS Resident Chronicles
This is the second year in a row that our Residents Blog has won this prestigious  award.


Category:  Social Media – Best Single Blog Post
Title:   PRSonally Speaking: Twitter for Plastic Surgeons who are Too Busy to Tweet
Authors: Olivier Branford, MD; Patrick Mallucci, MD
This marks the first major award for PRSonally Speaking



ASHPE awards: American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors. “The American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors is dedicated to enhancing the knowledge and skills of healthcare publication editors, and thereby expanding their value to, and contribution of, the publications they serve” (source). PRS took home two of these esteemed, coveted awards in the following categories:

ashpe award_2015

Category:  Best Special Supplement, Annual or Buyers Guide
Award:   Silver Award
Title:  Current Concepts in Pain Management in Plastic Surgery
Guest Editors: Jeffrey E. Janis, MD and Girish P. Joshi, MBBS, MD, FFARCSI



Category:  Best Peer-Reviewed Journal
Award:   Gold Award
Title:  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
October, November, December 2014
This is an amazing accomplishment to win in any year! But to win this award
now THREE years in a row (ASHPE Gold award: Best Peer-Reviewed Journal:
2013, 2014, 2015) is truly awesome.


All of these awards serve as a testament to our incredible teams at WKH, ASPS, and in the Editorial Office. But, they also speak volumes about you: our vested authors and readers, our amazing editorial board, our stalwart peer reviewers, our network of “PRS Ambassadors” who share plastic surgery news, research, and stories via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as in lecture halls, conference rooms, clinics, elevators and more.

Thank you so much, and many, many congratulations on YOUR award-winning Journal: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.



2015 Folio: Eddie & Ozzie Award Winners


Eddie Digital Award- Honorable Mention

Standalone Digital Magazine & Website

PRS Global Open


Eddie Digital Award- Honorable Mention

Video Video Gallery


Eddie Digital Award- Honorable Mention

Best Use of Social Media

PRSJournal Social Media


Ozzie Award- Honorable Mention

Association/Non Profit- Site Design



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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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